Our 18 hole leagues are forming now! Leagues begin November 8, 2016 through March 2017. For more information, read below or ask for Ace or Wes at (708) 403-4040.

Read the guidelines below for more information.

  • The league has a format of two person teams playing weekly against a different two person team. Each team will consist of an “A” player and a “B” player determined by the players individual handicaps and could change over the leagues season.
  • Handicaps are formed from the first three weeks of the season and are adjusted on a weekly basis. The first three rounds do count for points. After your handicap is set we will go back and apply it to these first rounds to assign points.
  • Teams will be split up into 2 divisions selected at random. At the end of the regular season (18 weeks) the top team in each division will get a bye into the championship round. Excluding the season winners, the top 25% of teams (and ties) from each division will all play in a playoff round.
  • All teams that make the playoffs are awarded prizes.
  • The playoff round will be a low team net score format and the top 50% of teams from that round will meet the regular season winners in a championship round.
  • Championship round will determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners in a low team net score format.
  • The league is designed to allow individuals to play their rounds anytime during the scheduled week as long as the round is posted by closing time on Sunday. Players do not have to play with their teammates and rounds can be played as far ahead as desired. That being said, we encourage league players to come out on league nights (Tuesday or Thursday).
  • Each regular season match will be scored as follows: the “A” players from each team play against each other. Each hole is worth 1 point for the low net score. If the net scores are same the point is split. The “B” players play the same. In addition, the low team net score on each hole is also worth a point. Ties split the point. Each week is worth 54 points.
  • Each round played during the week costs $25 per round. If you have to make up your round on a weekend the cost is $30 per round.


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