Our 18 hole league begins in early November. For more information, read below.


  • 2 person teams play head-to-head weekly
  • Each team consists of an "A" player and "B" player determined by their individual handicaps
  • The "A" players from each team play against each other (the same goes for the "B" players)
  • Each hole is worth 1 point for the low net score
  • Ties split the point
  • The low team net score on each hole is also worth a point
  • Each week is worth 54 points
  • Handicaps are formed from the first 3 rounds of the season and will be adjusted on a weekly basis
  • Teams will be split into 2+ divisions selected at random
  • At the end of the season, the top team in each division will get a bye into the championship round

Playoffs + Championship Round

  • The top 25% of teams from each division will make the playoffs (including ties + excluding the season winners)
  • All playoff teams are awarded prizes
  • The top 50% from the playoffs will make it to the championship round and face off with the regular season winners
  • The playoff round and championship round will be a low team net score format
  • The championship round will determine 1st, 2nd + 3rd place prize winners

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